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We offer not only expert building project & construction but also offer interior design, fittings & furniture procurement.  All elements of your project are managed and coordinated. Clients can check progress at all stages of the development with
confidence that budget and time constraints are complied with.  


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An Eco House.

Energy saving properties.
Uses less energy than the house produces.
The house of the future.

Chaplin Court

Chaplin Court  Estate of ten houses designed by Clague Associates, depicting a typical Kentish courtyard scene.  Houses built to high specification including slate and clay tiles with stock bricks, set tastefully in a spacious courtyard.
Gates and CCTV ensure privacy and security.

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Otterham Quay

A development of ten 3 and 4 bedroom low energy homes designed by BHD Architects.


Wealden Hall

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Swanley Library
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Commissioned by the Town Clerk.
Mr Colin Rodden
in 1999.



Art deco home commissioned by an architect from
 BHD Architects, open plan, ultra modern design.



Greenways, Keston 
 9,000 sq ft House, Victorian design, 6 bedrooms with annexe and double garage.  All arches were formed on site to keep construction costs low. 
The development used 72,000 bricks.


Stirling House  
Builder of the year award 1998

Rowan House.
A 6 bedroom mansion set in 2 acres of
landscaped gardens in a private road.
1996 Builder of the Year Award

Fairview Modern house, traditional construction,
 low energy.  Architect, BHD Architects.


Landscaping & Swimming Pools


Parkgate High tech, art deco style, four storey home, largely open plan, ultra modern design,
 BHD Architects.

Shellbank House
Commissioned in 1991, a typical Georgian style
 mansion using traditional materials

Rowhill Mount
Built       2010


Rowhill Mount
Traditional Georgian house built to exceptionally high specification using reconstituted and natural stone, welsh slates and reclaimed stock bricks.
The client was particular with regard to traditional detailing.

Rowhill Mount
Rear View



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